It was absolutely beautiful!! I can’t wait for 2024!!!

-Keisha D.

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Custom Sponsor Packages

Welcome to Winter Wonderland’s Sponsorship Opportunities! At Winter Wonderland, we understand the importance of effective branding and meaningful connections with your target audience. That’s why we offer customizable sponsorship packages tailored to suit your brand’s unique needs and objectives. Our sponsorship packages include features such as attraction sponsorship, custom branded experiences, banners, branded print materials, giveaways, and much more. Whether you’re aiming to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or engage with your audience in a memorable way, we have options to suit every goal. Partner with us today and let’s create impactful sponsorship opportunities that elevate your brand to new heights amidst the enchanting winter wonderland backdrop. Contact us to discuss your custom sponsorship package and start maximizing your brand’s exposure and engagement!

    Want to sponsor a wireframe today?

    Introducing our Wireframe Sponsorships, the perfect opportunity for brands to enhance their visibility within our Winter Wonderland walkthrough. For just $150, brands can secure a small ad placement beside one of our captivating wireframes, while for $300, they can opt for a larger ad, ensuring maximum exposure to our visitors. These sponsorships offer a cost-effective way for brands to reach our audience and showcase their products or services in a unique and memorable setting. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a lasting impression amidst the magical atmosphere of Winter Wonderland. Secure your sponsorship today and join us in creating unforgettable experiences for our visitors while elevating your brand presence. 

    For those seeking a more comprehensive sponsorship package tailored to their specific branding needs, we invite you to utilize the form above to get in touch with us. Our team is dedicated to crafting larger custom sponsor packages that align perfectly with your brand objectives and budget. Whether you’re looking to make a significant impact at Winter Wonderland or engage with our audience in a unique way, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a customized sponsorship package that exceeds your expectations and brings your brand to the forefront of our enchanting event.


    Small Wireframe sponsorship

    The small sponsor sign is 12″x12″

    Large Wireframe sponsorship

    The large sponsor sign is 18″x24″

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